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Reissuing tickets / Revalidation

Reissueing tickets/Revalidation

American Airlines offers two different ways to collect the charge fee for a ticket exchange

VMPD (Virtual Multi-Purpose Document)

  • The VMPD must be issued using Reason For Issuance code Q only.
  • The new ticket must be cross-referenced in the "Issued in connection with" box.
  • Each ticket exchange transaction requires a separate VMPD.
  • The change fee is to be collected in the fare box depending on the fare type (domestic or international).
    • The "Taxes/Fees/Charges" box is not to be used for the collection of change fees.
  • The Reason for Issuance code should be applied as follows:
    • Q – "Rebooking Fee International"

See V-MPD for Instructions on how to issue.

CP Tax Code on the New Ticket

  • American Airlines allows the collection of the change fee as part of the ticket exchange.
  • The change fee may be collected using the CP tax code.
  • No other tax code may be used and it is not acceptable to collect the change fee in the form of a Q surcharge or as part of the fare.